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SLNT Membership Application Form

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Apply for Shree Lalshminarayan Temple Membership Online.
Once you have made payment, email you picture ID with the payment slip to
We will process your application in the next upcoming MC meeting and approval could take 1 to 2 months.
In the event that your application is not approved, we will give you a full refund.
Once your application is approved, a welcome letter with your membership card will be mailed to you. You can start enjoying all the benefits thereafter.

1. Membership of the Charity shall be four kinds :-

(a) Ordinary Members;
(b) Nominated Ordinary Members;
(c) Life Members ; and
(d) Associate Members.
(a) Membership under all the above categories except for Associated members shall be open to all North Indian Hindus who must be a resident of Singapore, holding either a status of Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore, of either sex and over 21 years of age. Associated members must be North Indian Hindus of either sex and over 21 years of age but need not be citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore.
(b) An individual shall apply for membership on the prescribed application form supplied by the temple. The person proposing and the person seconding the individual’s application should be members of the Charity. The Committee of the Management shall have the right to approve or reject the application, provided that the application shall not be rejected without the applicant being given a fair hearing

3. All ordinary members shall each pay a subscription of $6.00 for each quarter.

(a) Any person nominated by any firm or limited company to be an ordinary member of the Charity shall be a nominated ordinary member.
(b) Such firm or limited company shall have the right to nominate any person to be a nominated ordinary member in place of the already nominated person from time to time.
(c) All nominated ordinary members shall each pay a subscription of $15.00 each quarter.
5. Any nominated ordinary member paying the sum of $750.00 or more, or any ordinary member paying the sum of $501.00 or more after the day of commencement, shall be a life member as from the date of such payment and shall not be liable to pay any further subscriptions.
6. Associate members shall pay $3.00 per quarter as subscription. Associate members shall have no voting rights.
(a) All subscriptions shall be payable in advance in respect of the prescribed period.
(b) The period covered by each quarterly subscription shall be the period from the first to the last day of the quarter in which the payment is made.
(c) All members may pay their subscriptions for as many quarters as they desire.
(a) Subject to clauses 11 and 12, every member paying the subscriptions of $6.00 as ordinary member or $15.00 as nominated ordinary member for any quarter, shall be an ordinary member or nominated ordinary member as the case may be for the quarter covered by the subscription paid.
(b) All subscriptions in arrears incurred and due by a member to the Charity shall be accepted, even after the expiry of the prescribed period for that quarter and the member will remain a member of the Charity for that period.
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