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Job Opening

Job Opening for Priests

Shree Lakshminarayan Temple is the only North Indian Hindu temple in Singapore. Our mission is to provide a forum for religious worship and celebrations, and for cultural, religious, and spiritual development activities based on Hindu / Vedic / Sanatan – Dharma traditions. Our temple was inaugurated in 1969 and has become the destination centre for Hindu religion, culture and festivals for residents in Singapore. 

SLNT is currently seeking to hire two new priests

Job Description:

  • The first responsibility of the priests is to open the temple and perform pujaarti, and prarthana of the deities in the temple, on a daily basis. On weekends and special occasions (religious festivals) they conduct special pujas for specific deities, chant stotras and shlokas, read from scriptures and holy books like Vedas, Gita, Ramayana, Durga Saptsati, Vishnu Sahasra Nam, Satya Narayan Vrat Katha, Hanuman Chalisa etc. They give sermons, explaining the meanings and relevance of rituals and festivals, Sanskrit texts and stotras and shlokas in Hindi & simple English. They lead bhajan and kirtan, involving devotees present in the temple. The goal is to involve, educate and inspire the temple devotees (young and old), meet their spiritual needs and make the experience rewarding so as to increase the visits of community members to the temple.
  • The second responsibility is to perform archana, abhishek, puja, hom (specific deity, vahan puja etc.) or sanskaars (namkaran, annprasan, vidyarambh, yagnopveeetam, wedding etc.) as requested by a Yajman and approved and scheduled by SLNT management, at the temple premises. These sanskaars must be performed following Hindu Vedic rituals and include consideration of local customs of Yajman, where possible.
  • The third responsibility is to conduct pujas and hom (Satya Narayan Katha, Luxmi puja, Navagraha Shanti, grih pravesh, start of new business, etc.) and sanskaars (those listed above and Shraaddha (last rites) as requested by a Yajman and approved and scheduled by SLNT management, at the Yajman’s residence or at another place arranged by the Yajman.
  • The priests also will be participating at religious forums, and writing articles for SLNT newsletter
  • Priests are also required to perform certain administrative duties assigned by the management such as maintaining calendar, filling time sheets, keeping altar, prayer hall and priest room areas clean, etc.
  • The priests are required to dress and conduct themselves, while performing their duties at temple or off-site, in compliance with accepted Hindu customs and traditions.
  • The priests are expected to perform their duties in a manner that leads to satisfaction of Yajmans, increasing participation of the community and leading to growth in income for the temple which sustains the priest’s employment.


Educational Qualification Requirements:

  1. For North Indian Priest: Shastri / Acharya degree from a government recognized Sanskrit University / Institute and / or M.A. degree in Sanskrit from a government recognized University is required. Any certificate or training to qualify as a Hindu priest will be a plus.
  2. English education that provides the candidate a good ability to communicate in English, will be a plus point


Knowledge, Ability and Skill Requirements:

  1. Knowledge of Sanskrit Language and ability to teach Veda mantras, stotras / shlokas and their meanings to the devotees is desirable. Ability to teach rudimentary Sanskrit is a plus.
  2. For North Indian Priest, ability to communicate in Hindi and teach rudimentary Hindi is required. Ability to communicate in English is a plus.
  3. Ability to plan, organize, and conduct major religious festival celebrations representing all Hindu culture
  4. Ability to sing bhajans, chant Stotras, and play musical instruments such as harmonium and tabla is very desirable.
  5. The priests should have good interpersonal skills to interact cordially with devotees, other priests and temple management.


Experience Requirements:

The candidate must have served as a priest in one or more Hindu Temples in India, or another country for a minimum of 5 years, after completing the university education. Preference will be given to the work experience with English speaking experience. The experience should include performance of most, if not all, duties and responsibilities listed above under Job Description. It is expected that based on their experience, selected candidates will start performing their duties from Day one.

Salary and Benefits:

$600 monthly salary will include accommodation, meals, medical entitlements & insurance

Employment Agreement:

The position could be on permanent or on a contract basis. Initial employment agreement will be for 2 year with a probationary period of 3 months. The contract will be renewed based on satisfactory performance and at the discretion of the SLNT management committee.

Candidate should be willing and able to relocate to Singapore within a month after approval given by Ministry of Manpower Singapore.

Application Procedure:

Candidates interested in being considered Priest position should submit the following documents by email (preferred) or regular (air) mail. Applications from Employment agencies and recruiters will not be considered. The address is:

Shree Lakshminarayan Temple

5 Chander Road. Singapore 219528

 Email Address:


  1. A cover letter containing a narrative explaining why the candidate feels confident that he can perform the duties specified under Job Description
  2. Passport copy
  3. A detailed resume, describing education, training and experience (include years)
  4. Copies of transcripts / certificates from universities / institutes
  5. Recommendation letters from current or former employers, professors (should be on official letterhead that includes phone number)


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